Ich heiße Martin Steinbach, komme ursprünglich aus Halle an der Saale und wohne derzeit in Rostock. Mein Interesse deckt jeden technischen Bereich der IT ab, egal ob es sich um Netzwerke, GNU/Linux, Kryptographie oder Programmierung handelt. Neben der IT bin ich interessierter Reisender, lese gerne und interessiere mich auch für Politik.

My name is Martin Steinbach from Halle, currently living in Rostock. I’m widely interested in almost every topic of information technology, especially GNU/Linux, networking, applied it-security, cryptography, open source software and programming. At present I’m an employee for the German Federal Republic, but in 2019 my time as a civil servant will end.

There is almost only OpenSource Software in my tool chain. Since today, there wasn’t a problem which could not be solved using Free Software/OpenSource.

Furthermore literature, politics and privacy is very important to me.

contact / PGP

Feel free to write a e-mail: steinbach[.at.]meet-unix.org

and encrypt your message, using gpg/pgp with my current key: my PGP/GPG-Key

Fingerprint: CDA6 8DF5 BE1D 285F E508 2CE4 7AC7 A0F3 04A7 3215

It is possible to talk to me on Jabber: martin@nachtsieb.de


There are a lot of Podcasts I’m listening to, most of them are in german and have a educational background:



Wer redet ist nicht tot - Wissenschaft









Radio Insecurity


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